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Global Data Summit 2017

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During this Meetup organised by Visser & Van Baars and Genesee Academy, Remco Broekmans and Sander Robijns will give you an up-to-date overview of the latest news “fresh” from the Global Data Summit 2017. Which was held at Genesee Colorado in the beginning of October. This Meetup will inform you on the importance of data and what the near future will bring. At the recent Global Data Summit the world top speakers and thought leaders gathered to present and discuss the present and the future of data - data warehouse 2020. Topics being discussed at the Global Data Summit and this Meetup: Data & Visualization, Data & Artificial Intelligence, Data Virtualization, future of the Data Warehouse plus Blockchain.

This Meetup is important for everybody who wants to know what is coming up and how to become a real data driven organization. What are the trends, which of the current trends will remain and what do you need to know to stay in control of the data inside and outside your organization.


18:30 - Welcome with burgers and drinks
19:00 - Speaker: Remco Broekmans
19:45 - Speaker: Sander Robijns
20:30 - Interactive discussion
21:00 - Networking
22:00 - End


Remco Broekmans

Remco is working on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with a focus on modelling and architecture including Ensemble and Data Vault modelling.
Remco works internationally in Europe and is based in the Netherlands. He worked for several consultancy companies in the Netherlands before starting his own companies, Coarem and BI Academy. He worked as a consultant throughout the complete field of business intelligence from reporting, ETL and modelling. The last 15 years Remco is teaching different classes on business intelligence and data warehousing. Since 2006, Remco is closely involved with the Data Vault classes from Genesee Academy and an authorized trainer from Genesee Academy since 2014. Courses delivered through Genesee Academy use blended and On-Demand DWBI training videos at

Specialities: EDW, Data Modelling, DWBI Architecture, Ensemble Modelling, Data Vault Modelling, Speaking, Advising, Data Vault, Agile Data Warehousing, Education, Training.

Sander Robijns

I am working in the Information Technology industry since 1995 and started specializing on data warehousing and business intelligence since 1997.
I am in favor of a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach in finding the right solution, in order to maximize my added value to the organization, without sacrificing quality.
I keep up with the latest developments in the industry, but don’t jump right into the latest hype. A lot of my clients prefer solutions based on technology that have at least some sort of maturity level.
I have been working in all kinds of organizations with a lot of different people, both regarding the roles they fulfill and their nationality. Even though the industry has a large focus on technology, I mostly fulfill roles that need a lot of interaction with people.

Specialities: Data Modelling, DWBI Architecture, Data Vault Modelling, Education, Motivator, Coach.


There are cheap parking options close to the meetup location. In the streets after “De Boelenlaan” (5/10 minute walk) you can park for €1,40 per hour between 08:00 – 19:00. After 19:00 it’s for free.

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