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Search & Selection

In the Dutch BI, Data & Analytics market, Visser & Van Baars has the majority of all permanent vacancies in the portfolio. Our consultants who are in contact with both clients and professionals all have their own specialty within the niche. We distinguish as specialisms including Reporting, ETL, Databases, Big Data and Data Science.

Visser & Van Baars has carefully built a very large network of clients within the Netherlands. We maintain intensive contact with these clients. Our consultants also edit their own specific region. That way we know exactly what is going on and what the possibilities are.

In recent years we have assisted hundreds of professionals in finding suitable positions for clients in various sectors. Visser & Van Baars works together with a wide variety of companies: from business services to non-profit organizations.

We like to speak with you personally as a professional to identify your needs. For example, substantive job specifications and the motivation behind them are discussed. But also personal matters such as work-life balance, the number of working hours and salary are extensively discussed. Based on your specific wishes and expectations, we can introduce you to suitable clients. Visser & Van Baars prepares you for job interviews, provides extensive feedback from clients and advises on possible contract negotiations.

We are happy to open our network within the BI, Data & Analytics market for you and strive to be a valuable partner throughout your career.