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Visser & Van Baars was founded in 2011 with the vision to become the most extensive and most qualitative BI, Data & Analytics staffing organization in the Netherlands. We achieved this through our triple niche strategy. This vision and strategy are how we make a difference for our clients and professionals.

We have grown organically from two to around eighty consultants who work directly with clients and professionals. Visser & Van Baars operates from three countries and five offices and is still growing 

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Visser & Van Baars is the largest staffing organization in the Netherlands. Our comprehensive network helps you further in your career. To serve all BI, Data & Analytics professionals, we offer four different services. Curious which Visser & Van Baars service suits you best? 


Visser & Van Baars has the largest network of BI, Data & Analytics professionals in the Netherlands. Our knowledge and experience enabled us to create four different staffing solutions. On our page for clients, you can read more about these solutions and find out which service best fits your needs. 

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We believe in the power of sharing knowledge. Because of this, Visser & Van Baars started the BI, Data & Analytics Network to facilitate knowledge sharing within the niche. Altus Staffing, the parent company of Visser & Van Baars, also organizes two large conferences a year. During these events, professionals and clients can meet and share their ideas in an inspiring environment.


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