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Visser & Van Baars has an experienced team that assists interim specialists during their career. Over the years we have built an extensive network in the BI, Data & Analytics market. Every month dozens of freelancers find an interim assignment through Visser & Van Baars.

Our consultants, who have daily contact with different clients, all work for a specific region. This means that they are often the first to know about new interim assignments. Because of our large team, we can provide the same level of service throughout the entire BI, Data & Analytics niche in the Netherlands.

Many freelance professionals have received the first assignments of their careers through Visser & Van Baars. Because of this, we have strong relationships with many professionals in the field. As you develop your skills and as your needs change, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities that might fit these changing circumstances.

Besides that, we also have a strong back office that you, as a professional, can benefit from. Our legal counsel stays up-to-date on the latest legislation and regulation changes and is there to help you draw up clear and concise contracts. Aside from that, we can assist with the billing and payment process.

Visser & Van Baars works with freelancers their entire career. And not just to find new jobs, professionals often pick our brains on market development or follow one of the specialized training courses that we offer our professionals. Moreover, if none of that fits your needs, our meetups and congresses are usually the perfect meeting ground to touch base and learn more about the recent developments in the market.

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