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Our areas of expertise

We believe in the power of specialisation. Doing one thing, but doing it right. That’s why our consultants at Visser & Van Baars focus on highly specialised fields within the data & analytics world. Here, you can read more about your career opportunities within these fields.


Our IT professionals have the expertise and experience to contribute to crucial projects at forward-thinking organisations.
Here, you can read more about how they are making a difference in the world of data & analytics.

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  • Ann Neuts

    ‘What I love about the contact with Visser & Van Baars is how open the communication is. I always get a response immediately.’ 

    Ann Neuts

    Data Reporting Specialist

  • Pieter Beyne

    ​‘The nice thing about my job was the combination of producing reports and training end users to get started using the technology.’ 

    Pieter Beyne

    Tableau Developer

  • Leon Graveland

    ​‘Next thing I knew, Visser & Van Baars had negotiated exactly the job offer and salary for me that I had been hoping for. That was a really good feeling.’  

    Leon Graveland

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Our focus is your success

We focus on specific fields within the IT landscape, so that we can know everything there is to know about IT specialisations. That enables us to find the right IT staffing and consulting solution for any organisation’s needs.

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