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Interim Machine Learning Engineer Azure

Vacature omschrijving

For an important key account that actually contributes to the greater good, Visser & Van Baars is looking for a Senior Machine Learning engineer with at least four years of experience. It is for a Greenfield Project which aims to embed a new system into their IT landscape used for forecasting, portfolio management, and pricing. It is a multi-faceted project encompassing multiple business units. You will work in a project group together with other IT professionals on the Data Engineering and ML Ops deliveries.

Key competencies

- Experience with ML Ops

- Azure ML and Databricks

- Experience in Model Development and Deployment

- Prepare for production, Model Ops. Including monitoring

- Model testing, CI/CD Pipelines

- Model Output file specification and

- Model Back testing

- Model Governance

- Model selection - On what criteria are models used (eg. Model A for peak, B for base)

- Recurrent training of models -Scheduling of model training

- Hyperparameter optimization - tuning your models

 -Design Interfacing w.r.t other applications

- API model results

- Azure Machine Learning model server

- Define User interface: How to evaluate / view results

- Creating consistent e2e BI solutions with a data lifecycle starting with collecting the needed data until visualizing them

- Creating AI/ML models in BigData use cases and helping business to leverage the results

- User story creation: Good understanding of business processes, product and customer journey. Is able to rate user stories for customer value and to challenge the product owner on prioritization of user stories (e.g., stability versus functionality)