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Data Engineer

Vacature omschrijving

For one of our clients in the region Zuid-Holland, we are looking for a data architect. You will be responsible in an international environment for different use cases regarding architecture and pipelines. The organization expects you to be problem-oriented and not only think in solutions. They are currently implementing Databricks in their Azure environment. The client has an enormous amount of data that comes from multiple sources worldwide.

It is important that you have experience in the Azure and Databricks environment and will ask the right questions to take them towards the most efficient direction since the client is not sure which path to follow currently. The preferred candidate is a person with experience in a similar project where you were responsible for guiding a company towards Databricks in Azure.

Your skills

  • Advanced in Azure (Multiple components);

  • Databricks experience;

  • Experience with Python;

  • Experience with SQL.

Feel free to contact us regarding this position.