Lead Data Management

Commissioned by the Data Governance Board, the Lead Data Manager is responsible for implementing and maintaining the data management practice within the organization.

As the Lead Data Manager you connect and implement the various Data Management disciplines with each other. You also put the performers (business operations) in their power, so that they can perform their tasks optimally. You are co-responsible for the design and implementation of the data strategy and data management policy.

You are a member of the Data Governance Board, you give direction to changes in data and you keep a close eye on developments in the market. When changes or developments come, you are the one who can take others/stakeholders with you. You prepare them and provide support. You also ensure that your environment can function optimally with information extracted from the data.

As part of the IT department you report to the Enterprise Data Architect (EDA). As Lead Data Manager you work closely with the Data Warehouse and BI team(s), and act as the central contact person within the organization aligning business and IT on data management objectives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Makes proposals for establishing and continuously improving the data management practice based on the IT and business strategy;
  • Responsible for setting up, implementing and maintaining the data management processes, organization and policies as well as initial implementation of supportive systems;
  • Chairman of the data governance board, reporting on data management KPI’s and program execution;
  • Responsible for training the organization on data management, explaining key processes, responsibilities and demonstration of the data management system;
  • Managing the definition owners in the business lines that are accountable for defining and maintaining the definitions of data / business data glossary;
  • Managing the data stewards / application owners that are the administrators of certain data areas, systems or data warehouses assigned to them;
  • Handle escalations on urgent and important data matters (security & privacy, data quality);
  • Accountable for the formal approval and publication of all data definitions;
  • Accountable for setting up and managing the meta data on data (this includes format, quality requirement, mapping to other glossaries/dictionaries, privacy classification and usage of a particular field).

Knowledge and requirements

You have experience in designing and implementing data management within other organizations. You also have a proven track record with achieving and improving data management within organizations. You look further and have a clear vision on how data management should be organised in an ideal world. You are also fast in understanding an organization and convert the policy into practical implementation. This in order to determine within which parts of the organization work must be done on data and data quality. Know how to handle with complex stakeholder management and being a politically savvy person.

Background and knowledge:

  • Bachelor's working and thinking level;
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with data management;
  • Knowledge and experience with the DAMA / DMBOK® framework;
  • Knowledge of tooling and tools in the field of data management and data quality;
  • Knowledge of data related regulations (legal & compliance);
  • Experience in real-estate and asset management is an advantage.

Job specific competences

  • Strategic advisor to the management;
  • Able to connect people and let them work together through a clear message about data;
  • Able to create, disseminate and implement policy in a structured way;
  • Able to design, document and implement processes in a organization;
  • Continuous curiosity about market development in the field of data;
  • You have a vision in which you have considered future developments in the market;
  • Communication skills and style flexibility, problem solving;
  • Analytical ability, accuracy and attention to detail.

Corporate competences

  • Drive: We are ambitious, set high expectations, take initiative, strive for excellence, for ourselves and others. We follow through on our commitments;
  • Trust: We are transparent in doing and thinking, with respect for each other;
  • Grow: We learn and improve by going outside our comfort zone, valuing other opinions and giving feedback;
  • Together: We win as a team and celebrate our successes.