Machine Learning to the rescue! How to personalize health insurance models for everyone's benefit.


 On October 14th, Fleur Hasaart, Manager Data Science of CZ Zorgverzekeringen, will discuss how Machine Learning has contributed to a more customer friendly approach of automated insurance claims. CZ withholds insurances for over 3 million users in The Netherlands. One of their main challenges is to provide rapid and flawless online claim procedures while keeping customer intimacy as their main strategy. With her Data Science team, Fleur made a proof of concept on how machine learning may combine user friendliness with automated excellence. In this webinar CZ will guide you through the process on how this proof of concept became a sustainable health insurance model, bearing in mind all the ethical and jurisdictional standards deemed crucial within this field. 


13:00 -  Introduction Fleur Hasaart 

13:05 – 13:45 Webinar: Machine Learning to the rescue!
13:45 – 14:00 Q&A via Zoom and YoutubeLive 


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