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10 May 2019 18:30-21:30 High Tech Campus - EindhovenRegister for Event
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Artificial Intelligence is vastly different from any other technology we have ever created because it has the ability to learn and improve its own functions. A.I. and specifically Machine Learning was all around us in 2018 and we expect it to come up with astonishing breakthroughs over the forthcoming years. A.I. is gradually becoming a key component for large scale businesses and is slowly but steadily finding its use for small and midsize companies.


18:30 Welcome + Burgers & Drinks
19:00 Veysel Kocaman on Adversarial Machine Learning: How to fool industrial AI systems
20:00 Short Break
20:15 Richard Benoit on A.I. tot the People: Machine Learning in Workforce
21:15 Drinks


In this meetup we talk about the importance and implications of applied Machine Learning. Our speakers, with backgrounds in Business Intelligence and Data Science, will share their stories with the audience with examples in automation and business processes from their own area of expertise.

Talk 1: Veysel Kocaman

A seasoned data scientist with strong background in every aspects of data science including machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data with over ten years of experience. He has been working in Data Science field for the last decade and have a great deal of hands-on experience in real life problems. For the time being, he remotely works as a Head of AI and CTO at Talent Envoy, based in CA, USA. He also works on multiple projects for the time being and provides hands-on consulting services in Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Cloud Architecture and DevOps to the several start-ups, bootcamps and companies around the globe. He is the instructor of several online courses in Data Science and also pursues his PhD in ML and gives lectures in Distributed Data Processing at Leiden University. As a volunteer activity, he teaches Data Science and provides career counseling in two different Data Science Bootcamps.

In recognition of his contributions to Machine Learning community and his enthusiasm of mentorship & guidance in teaching Data Science, he just got accepted into Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Machine Learning program as the only one who has a GDE in ML title in Netherlands. There are only eighteen ML GDEs in Europe.

Talk 2: Richard Benoit

“Richard Benoit (37) was born and raised in Curacao. A beautiful and small island in the Caribbean. Where he grew up, access to technology like computers and gaming devices were not as mainstream as it was in Europe back then. This never stopped his aspirations to know more about the automation of things. He was on a continuous journey to make and keep actions efficient and simple at the same time.
After he studied Informatics in the Netherlands, he worked for 3 years as an ERP software developer and consultant. Automation of business processes with ERP software contained a lot of valuable data. He soon started to create a bridge from information to intelligence. He spent the next 10 years doing challenging and complex business intelligence assignments. Today he works as a freelance data solutions architect that designs, builds and enables adoption for corporate size and small companies that want to participate in this data-driven era.
He genuinely believes that people would never want to stop improving their personal qualities and therefore should take the shot at AI that will create opportunities that matter to our personal abilities.“

Artificicial Intelligence is vastly different from any other technology we have ever created because it has the ability to learn and improve its own functions.