Bernd van Baars and Daniël Visser had both worked in the recruitment field for a considerable amount of time, but they both missed some specialization during the job. Through in-depth research of the market they became a better partner for both employers and candidates. This is where the idea for Visser & Van Baars originated. Truly advising and knowing what you're talking about ensures better matches. This strengthens the network and leads to long term, quality relationships. By continually providing the consultants with specialist training, the market is served better and both employers and candidates keep coming back. The two entrepreneurs named this new method of working Recruitment 2.0.

To achieve and maintain our goals, we only recruit consultants with either a HBO (higher vocational education) or WO (university) level of education, and with relevant work experience. They are also expected to keep themselves fully informed about the latest developments in their professional field. This is partially their own responsibility, but we also provide training sessions at Visser & Van Baars itself, to help the consultants remain fully up to date.



Recruitment 2.0 is a more in-depth method of recruitment in which the consultants have an advisory role. Daniël explains: “Because we work with niches, I believe it is our obligation to have in-depth knowledge of those niches. That's why it was essential to adopt Recruitment 2.0 within our company. We realize how much the clients and candidates need this."

Bernd adds: “The goal is to deliver a high-quality, consultative angle on recruitment through far-reaching specialization with a more knowledge-driven approach.” With knowledge of the content, a great deal of face-to-face contact and a result-oriented attitude, the experienced Visser & Van Baars consultants work on a daily basis as sparring partner for client and candidate. “With the aid of a gap analysis, the consultants are able to determine whether a company lacks certain expertise, in anticipation of a forthcoming development in the particular field. So, the consultant first pinpoints a certain requirement for which he or she then offers an immediate solution in the form of appropriate expertise. Because the consultants know their networks inside out, they immediately know who is ready and available to make a move. This is where the consultant truly has added value. I don't believe that this element, the consultative approach, will ever be dropped from the recruitment process. Many people, admittedly, do say that the time will come when the inter-personal aspect of recruitment is superfluous, because of the online platform which will eventually replace it. While this may be true to a degree, when you are also a partner in content, as we are, and you know everything there is to know about market developments, then you're offering something invaluable, and quite irreplaceable", Bernd concludes.

Visser & Van Baars was set up to give the branch a positive boost, a fresh wind blowing through the land of recruitment. The last few years have shown this strategy to be highly successful. However, the rollout of Recruitment 2.0 is far from complete. We are continuously working on improvement, to reinforce and extend our strong network even further.