Visser & van Baars for Freelancers

The freelance BI and Big Data market is all about delivering speed and quality. Because of our focus, we know exactly at what moment, what is going on in your specialism. As an interim specialist you prefer not to deal with (cold) acquisition, administrative hassles and legal risks. You want to do what you are good at: fulfilling the interim assignment as well as possible.


What are you going to do as freelancer?

  • Network: Through our approach we have a strong network within the different BI and Big Data specialism. Because of this we know well which projects are (going to) play and we can inform you about this "before the market". You can immediately benefit from this as a freelancer.

  • Knowledge within your field: Because we pay a lot of attention to gathering knowledge about the market, we also have a lot of knowledge to share. We do this by organizing events such as meetups, but also with blog posts, news overviews and social media posts. By Visser & Van Baars you are always up to date with the latest developments.

  • Support with the contract: The legal part is the less fun side of freelancing. Fortunately, we can also assist you with this. From model agreement to framework contracts and professional liability, we can advise and support you.
  • Customization: Our personal approach means that each placement is tailor-made. We work in a small, close-knit team and can therefore quickly switch and adapt our working method that it suits you. Your career is our job, so we are happy to be there for you.