When you are ready for a new freelance assignment or the next step in your career, Visser & Van Baars is the right partner for you. Because of our many years of experience and strong network, we always have an assignment or position to suit you. Whether you want to work internationally, closer to home or prefer flexible hours, we can find the ideal role for you.

First we would like to get to know you better. Not only on a technical but also on a personal level, this will help us making the perfect match. A new challenge is always enjoyable, but when it's within a team that really fits you, the challenge is even more fun. Our personal approach enables us to achieve this kind of match.We ask the employers the same questions we ask you, that is how we know if it's a cultural fit and what their needs are. By keeping close contact with everyone in our  network we can estimate which company and company culture will suit you best. So allow our network to help you further, today.

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How we work


Through our many years of experience and our personal approach, we have developed a strong and extensive network. Therefore, we know all the ins and outs of the employers' organizations, and where the opportunities lie. You, as candidate, will directly profit from this.


Before we start looking for the right match, we would first like to have a face-to-face meeting with you. This can be arranged at a time and location most suitable for you. By talking with you in person, we can accurately pinpoint what you are looking for, and what would suit you. Only when we have drawn up a clear profile of requirements for you, will we set to work looking for a match. After all, we can't find the right partner without first getting to know you properly.


Once we have found the right match, we like to hear how you experienced the collaboration. We continually work to improve our service based on the feedback that we receive. Joining Visser & Van Baars as a consultant is not an easy process. Our consultants are trained and tested on multiple BI and Big Data themes; only when they have passed the exams are they permitted to start their work as intermediary. This extensive knowledge enables them to support you throughout your career.


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