Visser & Van Baars focuses solely on the BI and Big Data market. Because of our focus, we know the market like no one else. To safeguard the quality of our network, each consultant focuses on a single specialism within their own region. Due of this, we’ve developed a strong bond with companies and candidates. From multinationals to SMEs and start-ups, they are all part of our network.


Our proposition

Our proposition is all about quality; we combine recruitment with commitment and knowledge sharing. We achieve this by training our consultants and testing their knowledge on both BI and Big Data subjects, and recruitment. Alongside this, we always keep a sharp eye on the market. This means that we are always up to date with the latest trends, which we share in an interactive way via our blog, news articles and events. We are also personally involved at each stage of the process: no candidate will arrive for an interview with you without having a face-to-face meeting with us. The follow-up phase is also handled by your personal consultant. Any problems or questions? Then you can also come to us after the recruitment process has finished. We are proud of our proposition and the results that it delivers for both the employers and the candidates.

Our submarkets




Big Data


Data Science








Data Warehousing


Rapportage & Analyse


The market is constantly changing. Our consultants have daily conversations with clients and candidates, this is how they stay up to date with the latest trends and opportunities. Each consultant does this within their own region and area of specialism. With this focus, they have strong links within their network and a clear view of the opportunities. This is something that you can directly profit from.


Before a candidate is introduced to a client, a personal face-to-face interview takes place. During this interview, we discuss technical skills and the personal wishes of the candidate. Are you internationally oriented, or do you prefer to work closer to home? With this interview we put together a complete profile of requirements for the candidate, which enables us to make the best possible match.


Once we have found the right match, we like to hear how our clients and candidates experienced the collaboration. We continually adapt our service based on the feedback that we receive. Joining Visser & Van Baars as a consultant is not an easy process. Our consultants are trained and tested on multiple BI and Big Data themes; only when they have passed the exams are they permitted to start their work as intermediary.

How it all began

In 2011, Visser & Van Baars introduced Recruitment 2.0. This is a down-to-earth, Dutch approach to recruitment with the aim of becoming a better partner for both employers and candidates. In the midst of the economic crisis Visser & Van Baars grew to become the biggest player in the market, the proof that Recruitment 2.0 works.

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