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Interim GCP Data Engineer

Job description

1 The job
The data engineer is with her/his team responsible for designing, building, maintaining and supporting systems that collect, manage, convert and enrich raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to interpret. We (will) have one central data environment. The goal is to provide the means to the organization to use data (information) for analysis and to evaluate and optimize its performance in every possible sense.

2 Reports to
Reports to the Group IT Director. With a growing team there could be a team lead appointed.

3 Tasks and responsibilities
Task mature
• Evaluate business needs and objectives
• Analyze raw data • Identify opportunities for data acquisition
• Combine raw information from different sources
• Develop and maintain datasets
• Monitor, ensure and improve data quality
• Explore ways to enhance data quality and reliability
• Build, maintain and support central data system and pipelines
• Prepare data for prescriptive and predictive modeling
• Build algorithms and prototypes
• Collaborate with (business) data analysts and data scientists on several projects
• Advise on and guard information architecture
• Ensure compliance with security and privacy policies • Inspire and advise organization on Senior
• Interpret trends and patterns
• Conduct complex data analysis and report on results
• Develop analytical tools and programs
• Coach and train other team members