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​How the ANWB set up its award-winning personalisation programme

By combining information from seven channels, the ANWB can construct a fairly complete picture of its customers. From the perspective of marketing technology, Arnold Moeken talks about the ANWB’s a...

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​Felyx: on the way to a Sustainable Data Driven Architecture

In a modern organisation, more and more data is produced. The trick is to filter it, enrich it and then analyse it to see what has happened, but above all to decide what needs to be done. A well-...

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Lessons learned from the great DataOps adventure at Felyx

Daan Stroosnier and Mees Strooker recently held a webinar entitled ‘Felyx: Clearing the road for sustainable DataOps-driven architectures’ in which they discussed how the e-scooter rental servi...

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Organize marketing technology to better serve the customer

If you want to apply personalisation, you need to understand your customer. Every interaction in the customer journey helps you do that. By taking a customer-centric approach, you’ll be able to...

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