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The demand for skilled data scientists and BI specialists stays high. Especially in Amsterdam and the province of South-Holland, a lot of companies are looking for a skilled data-hero. Who thinks the demand for BI specialists and Data Scientist is only this high in the big cities, can think twice. 

Yoram Zijtregtop, team manager at Visser & Van Baars receives more and more requests for specialists in other parts of The Netherlands. "We mostly see our demand growing in the provinces of North Brabant and Gelderland."

The run on skilled BI specialists and Data Scientist has a simple explanation, according to Zijtregtop. "More and more companies have a demand for this type of employee, because companies need to process more and more data. It has changed in comparison to the past, when everybody kept their data in Excel. That mostly happens in the cloud nowadays. And all that data needs to be processed."

'Amsterdam is almost as big as every city in South Holland'

Despite all of the above, the demand for BI Specialists and Data Scientists stays the biggest in the urban agglomeration of The Netherlands. Especially in Amsterdam. "The amount of request with Amsterdam as it's origin is almost as big as every city in South Holland combined."

The team manager points to the large diversity of companies in the capital of The Netherlands. "In Amsterdam just happens the most, the city is a mishmash of companies and represents the labor market. It is there where we place people at multinationals as well as at hospitals and smaller retailers. Every kind of organization can be found there."

A little more to the center of The Netherlands, in Utrecht, Visser & Van Baars mostly places specialists at consultancy firms and financial institutions like banks. "There are a lot of them in Utrecht, mostly due to their central location." In Rotterdam the company accommodates a lot of specialists for the logistic sector. "That is where our harbor is situated."

Next to the above, Zijtregtop notices the demand for professional data specialists in the medical world. "This is a trend which is really visible over the last few years."

Flashy job titles

Zijtregtop is now in his 5th year at Visser & Van Baars. A change that he noticed is how job titles became more flashy during the years. "In the past I was searching for a ETL Developer or a SQL Developer. This has changed. Everybody who works with data behind the scenes is called a Data Engineer or a Data Scientist. By doing so I think companies want to attract young people."

And what is Zijtregtop’s and his coworkers role in this process? "We work with companies in multiple sizes and stages of growth. When we are working with startups we accommodate a more advising role. At bigger companies we are often going in depth about specific problems and are looking for solutions that we can let a candidate fix for them. 

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