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Five videos that every Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack Professional must watch

We frequently write about BI and Big Data topics. To gain inspiration for new articles, we often watch videos about different subjects. In the process we have created an entire database of videos that we think BI professionals of all different levels would benefit from watching. Today we share our five favourite Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack videos.

Digital storytelling with Power BI


In this video of almost an hour long, Devin Knight offers various tips and tricks for visualising your data in Power BI. The reports that you create with these techniques truly tell the story of the data, to the extent that even those who aren't data analysts can easily understand it!

Many to many relationships by Patrick from Guy in a Cube

In this video Patrick explains the benefits of the M2M functionality, how you can use it and why. He also explains why it took so long before it was introduced as well as pointing out the downsides of this functionality.

Power BI the free version, pro or premium? AVI Explains!


Licensing is something that organisations of all kinds have problems with. Which Power BI package is the most suitable and what exactly are the differences? In this video, Avi Singh clearly explains which package is suitable for which organisation and when it's the right time to upgrade.

Four ways to use Azure for Data Science


This is not a demo video, but a video in which four different data science concepts within Azure are discussed. If you feel the need for fresh approaches for your data science, this video is not to be missed.

Debug DAX through the use of variables in Power BI

​Debugging DAX with variables? Not possible, thought Patrick from Guy in a Cube. But in this video, Marco Russo, the DAX master, shows him how this works and how he can use it within his own projects. A real must-watch for BI professionals who work a lot with DAX.

These are our five favourite BI videos from the past few months. Have we missed a video that you think we should have included? Let us know by filling in the contact form below. Interested in possible vacancies to bring your knowledge into action? Click here.