Visser Van Baars for clients


Visser & Van Baars is the specialist in staffing for BI, Data & Analytics professionals. Since the foundation in early 2011, we have carefully built a very strong network of specialists within the BI, Data & Analytics market.

Visser & Van Baars offers its clients four different services:

Interim: we support our interim division with clients with temporary BI, Data & Analytics expertise. Over the years we have built up a large network in this niche. Every month dozens of professionals find an interim assignment through Visser & Van Baars.

Secondment: Our secondment branch has a large pool of BI, Data & Analytics specialists who are employed by Visser & Van Baars. With our own professionals we meet a specific need of clients.

Search & Selection: The Search & Selection department helps when there is a need to permanently hire a BI, Data & Analytics professional.

Detavast: Through our detavast solution, we offer clients the flexibility of posting, coupled with the possibility to hire a BI, Data & Analytics professional. 

How do we distinguish ourselves?

Our niche focused approach

Visser & Van Baars distinguishes itself from its competition with a triple focus:

  1. The niche focus;
  2. Focus on one type of employment;
  3. The region focus.

In practice this means, for example, that a consultant focuses specifically on the mediation of BI, Data & Analytics professionals (the niche focus), for interim positions (employment type) in the province of Utrecht (region focus). Our consultants who are in contact with both clients and professionals all work according to this triple focus. This detailed working method ensures that they know exactly what is going on with BI, Data & Analytics professionals within a specific region. 

The largest IT network

Visser & Van Baars attaches great importance to building long-term relationships. This has ensured that we now have the largest BI, Data & Analytics network in the Netherlands.

Community building

Visser & Van Baars believes in the power of knowledge sharing. Over the years we have built a close-knit community within the BI, Data & Analytics niche. For example, Visser & Van Baars facilitates various meetups for both professionals and clients in the niche through the "BI, Data & Analytics Network". Altus Staffing, the parent company of Visser & Van Baars, organizes a large conference twice a year to bring clients and professionals closer together in addition to knowledge sharing.

Intensive personal contact

Knowledge of what is going on within the BI, Data & Analytics niche is very important. Our consultants know where and when certain expertise is available within the niche. To achieve this, we have intensive contact with BI, Data & Analytics professionals. We use advanced tools for this and invest heavily in Artificial Intelligence techniques. Visser & Van Baars is one of the niche brands of Altus Staffing. Altus Staffing is an international group specialized in IT staffing. Altus brings different IT niches together to offer clients a total solution.