Database Administrator Jobs in Zeeland

Database Administrator jobs

The database administrator is responsible for structuring, storing and making data accessible using database software. A few of the tasks of a database administrator are:

  • * Database design

  • * Implementation of database software

  • * Data migration

  • * Database security

  • * Database backup and possible recovery

Database Administrator skills

A database administrator often brings a wide range of skills:

  • * Communicative

  • * Theoretical knowledge of databases

  • * Designing databases

  • * Knowledge of the database management systems themselves, such as for example Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, IBM DB2, etc.

  • * Knowledge of distributed computing, such as the client-server model

Database Administrator education

Database administrators have generally completed an IT or business administration study. This is supplemented with specialist certificates while gaining work experience.

Database Administrator vacancies

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Jobs in Zeeland

Zeeland is a province of traditions, beach and you guessed it sea. Butter babblers, traditional costumes, boluses and ring stitches are still present in Zeeland's culture. The large harbors are located in cozy towns such as Middelburg, Vlissingen, Terneuzen and Goes, which are full of restaurants and cafés. Don't wait any longer and come and work in beautiful Zeeland!