Data Science

Data Scientist Jobs

Data Scientist jobs

More and more companies are making data leading in the choices they make about their business processes and choices. After all, data is factual. As a data scientist you are responsible for collecting and managing data. You know better than anyone how to link, enrich, analyze and visualize structured and unstructured data. A data scientist plays an important role in the analysis of the data including the application of statistical models. In addition, a data scientist supports the business with information related to strategy, processes and performance. A data scientist is constantly working on the development of up-to-date KPIs to support the business in achieving growth.

The most important tasks of a data scientist are: 

  • * Analyze and model data to be able to predict, innovate and innovate. 

  • * The management and integration of data from the various sources, both internal and external. 

  • * Delivering and optimizing management information and reports. 

  • * Signaling trends and developments, including making predictive modeling with the help of algorithms. 

  • * Advising various stakeholders on the optimal use of management information and proactively identifying opportunities in this regard.

Skills for a Data Scientist

Being a data scientist naturally requires the right skill and toolset. In general, a data scientist has the following skills in his arsenal: 

  • * SQL, Data Modeling, Business Analysis, Business Process, creating and working with data marts (OLAP etc.) and business intelligence tools. 

  • * You are good with logical and physical data models to recognize patterns and make simple analyzes to support the business. 

  • * You have a completed higher professional or university education (for example: Computer Science / Mathematics / Bioinformatics / Artificial Intelligence / Econometrics). 

  • * You are entrepreneurial, proactive, analytical, result-oriented, critical, independent and interested in Big Data.

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Jobs in Hoorn

Hoorn is one of the smaller cities in Noord-Holland, but that does not mean that there are few suitable BI vacancies. Within traveling distance of other cities in the province, such as Haarlem and Alkmaar, Hoorn is an excellent place to work and live. View our current BI vacancy overview and see the possibilities to work in Hoorn! Visser & Van Baars is happy to assist you in finding your BI dream job in Hoorn!