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As a business analyst you deal with the business requirements of a client and the solution that is made in collaboration with the development team. A business analyst identifies, analyzes and specifies the needs of both the business and the client and communicates this as information to the project team and other stakeholders. In other words, the business analyst identifies the scope and goals of a project; he analyzes, translates and identifies the needs of the stakeholders through interviews or other forms of communication. In addition, the business analyst validates the business requirements, builds data models, models the data and business processes and develops a solution that is presented and translated into usable specifications for developers.

A business analysis is distinguished by three levels:

  • System development & improvement (this almost corresponds to the traditional system analysis)
  • Process improvement. This level has two layers:
  1. Information analysis
  2. Functional design
  • Business improvement
    The third level, business improvement, focuses on improving the organizations at the strategic level.

The activities of a business analyst can include:

  • Analyze organizational needs and prepare improvements for organizational processes
  • Specifying, prioritizing, verifying and validating functional wishes and requirements and translating these into efficient solutions
  • Monitor and manage requirements during projects
  • Possibly making statistical analyzes using support programs such as Excel, Access, SPSS, Business Objects and SQL

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