Blockchain Developer

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Blockchain has been on the rise in recent years, it has become hugely popular and regularly on the news. The best known example of blockchain is the bitcoin, a decentralized crypto currency that works without a central bank or central manager. A blockchain developer is a software developer who is involved in the development and maintenance of blockchain software. With blockchain development, all transactions are recorded and checked in a network. This network consists of numerous ledger accounts, databases in which every change is processed. If a ledger is missing, you still have enough copies in which the same changes are recorded. A blockchain developer is involved in the development and maintenance of advanced blockchain solutions and the translation of technical issues into workable technical designs. 

A blockchain developer is expected to have extensive programming knowledge, for example in the languages: 

  • Javascript 
  • Python 
  • Java 
  • Golang 
  • Scala 
  • Peace 
  • Haskell 
  • Erlang 
  • C. 
  • C ++ and/or C #

Moreover, it may be the wish of the employer that the blockchain developer has an affinity with existing blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, Hyperledger and / or Azure. 

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