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Welcome to Visser & Van Baars BV. Specialist in Business Intelligence and Database Recruitment: sober, driven and honest, always with the goal of delivering the optimal result.

The ICT landscape in 2016 is broad and complex. That is why we absolutely believe in the power of a specialism: knowing more about less. Visser & Van Baars chooses a clear niche: Business Intelligence and Databases.

Our power is mediating Business Intelligence & Database specialists for both interim and permanent jobs. We would venture to say that we are good at this, among other things because of years of experience and our enormous network within this field.

We see that complex data streams and information structures are playing an ever bigger part in our society. Companies from nearly all segments of the economy concern themselves with data and information. To be able to structure this process well, knowledge is needed. Visser & Van Baars mediates people who have this knowledge. They can be specialists who take care of the ETL process, data warehouse managers or reporting specialists.

Our proposition is unique; we combine the profession of recruitment with knowledge-sharing. We guarantee this by entering partnerships and by organising congresses for specialists in the marketplace. We are proud of this proposition and we see that it achieves results, both for organisations and the Business Intelligence specialists.

Please Contact us; we can undoubtedly help each other in many ways.